Bioesthetic Dentist from Encino, CA, Dr. Gorman

Interviewed on FOX 7

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Sue Bump, Patient: The pain I have is over the eyebrows, the temple thing …

Reporter: Sue Bump has spent a lot of time in a dentist’s chair in her life. In the past thirty years she’s had at least a dozen crowns and root canals.

Sue: It seems like I am constantly undergoing repair.

Reporter: You take a look inside her mouth and the crown she’s had just two years is all ready chipping and she say’s she’s not happy with the overall look of her smile.

Sue: I’ve noticed especially the canine teeth that you normally expect to have points and be longer are not that way. So, it doesn’t look natural anymore. I think that my front teeth are nice and I’ve not had to have work on them. But, as far as your dental health goes, that’s not a big help.

Reporter: Bioesthetic dentist Dr. Martin Gorman says Sue’s teeth needs some work but, not before he figures out why they are wearing down and chipping. He also wants to find the source of her headaches and the pain in her jaw, he says that’s the difference between him and other dentists.

Dr. Martin Gorman, DDS: Something’s caused that wear and what a bioesthetic dentist is going to do for you is diagnose what’s caused that wear and break down correct that first and then give you the cosmetic work that you’d like to have and then the cosmetic work will not break down because the causes of the break down have all ready been taken care of in advance.

Reporter: Bioesthetic dentists study great teeth, that stayed healthy, teeth that look like these.

Gorman: The first thing we notice of bioesthetic teeth is how sharp, how the cusps are beautiful, they have deep grooves and the inside the edges of the upper and lower front teeth are real nice and thin.

Reporter: They also look at how people with these great teeth chew because it’s the jaw motion and muscles that can help wear down teeth over time.

Gorman: The only thing that is touching when you go edge to edge are your two front teeth with your two lower front teeth that’s it, so you can’t wear your teeth

Reporter: Dr. Gorman says it’s people who chew side to side who have the problems.

Gorman: It’s your muscles that are overworking to avoid that bang here, that over working muscles can cause you headaches and facial pain.

Reporter: It also causes teeth to wear, break off and chip. Bioesthetic dentists give their patients a mouth appliance to wear and put their in position and get their muscles working properly before they do any cosmetic work.

Gorman: A little more work and a little more money up front, but over the long haul, over the course of a lifetime you save a ton of time

Reporter: Time Sue wishes she could get back but Dr. Gorman has suggestions to bring back her smile and even change the shape of her face.

Gorman: When the lower front teeth are worn down the jaw keeps closing and it allows the lower jaw to move forward this way and the lower lip now is out in front of the upper lip

Reporter: Longer teeth on the top and bottom wouldn’t just change her smile

Gorman: All this thins out, because instead of being more round you become longer here

Reporter: And if you look at these before and afters of other patients you can see the difference notice the lower third of the face Dr. Gorman says it’s lengthened by building up the teeth and fixing the jaw motion. He says it’s cosmetic dentistry that works like nature intended and will keep people smiling for years to come without more repairs. Right now there are fewer than 120 bioesthetic dentists in the country logon to and click on “health” to learn more about bioesthetic dentistry.