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How Can a DNA Appliance Help My Smile?


Genetics largely determines the size and shape of a person’s jaw, mouth, and the arch. These factors, in turn, affect the size and shape of the airways and hence how easily a patient can breathe. The DNA Appliance (Daytime-Nighttime ApplianceTM or DNA applianceTM) corrects arches that are too narrow and improves breathing by enlarging the airways.

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Eliminate Child Sleep Problems To Enhance Behavior


Many children and teens have some kind of sleep disorder, whether it be sleep apnea, bed-wetting, periodic limb movement, narcolepsy, snoring or insomnia. Having one of these disorders can seriously affect your child’s daily routine, school performance and more.

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Aging Successfully: Ensure that Your Later Years are Some of Your Best Years


Living healthy isn’t simply a reflection of personal genetics. It results from a combination of many factors including fitness, nutrition, preventative care, your personal outlook on relationships- in addition to genetic influences. In other words, good health and well-being are generally the result of smart decisions and the right attitude!

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The Migraine and Sleep Disorder Connection


Migraine headaches and sleep disorders are common in the general population and often coexist in the same patient. Stress is recognized as one of the principal factors for headache and sleep disorders. Moreover, both disorders have been proven to be associated with depression and anxiety.

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