Dental Video: Fixed teeth dental implants

We have provided a full transcription of this dental video below,

for visitors who are hearing impaired or cannot view our dental videos on their device.

Slide 1:This example shows fixed teeth on a patient with a full lower denture
Slide 2:After the patient is numb, Dr. Letcher drills a tiny hole for each implant
Slide 3:The number of implants depends on each patient’s jaw structure
Slide 4:The implants are immediately placed into the bone
Slide 5:and will act as new tooth roots
Slide 6:New super-strong resin teeth compliment the face and skin tone
Slide 7:No pink flange means teeth appear to emrge from the gumline
Slide 8:The teeth are bonded to the implants don’t move and look beautiful
Slide 9:Teeth stay healthy with a toothbrush and dental water jet