Dental Video: Missing some of your upper or lower teeth?

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We have provided a full transcription of this dental video below

Narrator: When several teeth are missing we may recommend a partial denture for replacing them. Partials can preventa number of dental problems including shifting teeth, difficulty keeping teeth [clean] free of plaque and bacteria, problems with chewing and eating, grinding and clenching, and problems with the jaw joints. When teeth are missing neighboring teeth begin to shift and the opposing teeth begin to extrude out of their sockets. These changes create places around the teeth where plaque and bacteria can quickly accumulate increasing the rsik of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Changes in the bite also put improper chewing forces on the shifted teeth. This can lead to grinding and clenching and painful problems with the jaw joint the tmj. In addition an uneven bite can make it harder to chew and enjoy your food. To determine if partial dentures are right for you we’ll do a thorough exam checking the health of gums and neighboring teeth, taking xrays to assess the shape and health of your jawbone, and taking impressions to make an accurate model of your mouth. We’ll also work with you to select the best color and shape for your new teeth. There are several types of partials, so we’ll talk with you about the best one for your situation. Partial dentures replace missing teeth and they are a good way to maiontain a stable bite and restore a natural looking smile.