Dr. Martin Gorman a bioesthetic dentist from Los Angeles, California

interviewed on KENS5 San Antonio

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KENS5 News Anchor: It’s called bioesthetic dentistry that is reporter Wendy Rigby has that story. Is this different from just getting braces?

Wendy Rigby, Reporter: Well this is different from getting whitening or just getting braces this is sort of a combination of form and function

Wendy: Many people who go to the dentist for help with the appearance of their teeth really need more extensive work inside. The idea behind bioesthetic is to fix the problem permenantly instead of applying temporary fixes that may break down over time.

Rusty Reames, Patient: Pressure in here

Dr. Martin Gorman DDS: In the sinus region?

Rusty: In the sinus region

Wendy: Dentist Martin Gorman is touring the country educating patients and other dentists about bioesthetic dentistry. Rusty Reames might be a good patient. Her bottom teeth tilt backward and could be the cause of her facial pain

Rusty: I’m not as concerned about how white my teeth are as you know how they’re useful to me these days

Wendy: Dr. Gorman believes dentistry has gotten off track lately offering quick fixes instead of real solutions for patients.

Gorman: You want something to last you for four or five years you do it the traditional way. You want something to last you fifteen, twenty or thirty years you do it the bioesthetic way.

Wendy: The bioesthetic way includes three steps. First, the patient’s tooth model is attached to a jaw simulator showing the dentist how the patients teeth should fit together. Then the patient wears an appliance or has orthodontic work to adjust the bite. Finally the tooth structure top and bottom is changed to create a set of teeth that won’t wear down or cause pain. The before and afters are inpressive. Dr. Gorman says he can take age off of people’s faces, the results can be as dramatic as gum surgery for some patients.

Gorman: The eyes have no strain the facial muscles are totally relaxed and it’s a stress free smile. And, the reason they can do that is cause their entire face is in harmony.

Wendy: The bioesthetic approach can take longer and cost more but Dr. Gorman says millions of people could probably benefit from it.

Rusty: I think I would look into it at least and explore the possibilities

Wendy: For more information on bioesthetic dentitstry logon to our website MySanAntonio.com or you can got o Bioesthetics.com

Wendy: Now only a handful of Texas dentists use this approach so far none of them in San Antonio but this Dr. Gorman who is from California says,”It’ll catch on as people live longer and they want to keep their own teeth looking better.”

Anchor: So we can’t get it here right now.

Wendy: Well, not this particular approach. You can get someone with a similar philosophy, but this term bioesthetics…