Dental Video: Invisalign can straighten your teeth without metal braces

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Narrator: A social situation, a business meeting, a chance encounter, a smile can change everything. But, if you’re holding back because you are uncomfortable with your teeth, that changes things too. Fortunately there’s Invisalign, the clear way to get the smile that shows off the real you. So how can something so inconspicuous make such a big difference. Invisalign is custom designed to treat a wide range of cases. Even many complex ones that once required braces. Each new aligner moves your teeth little by little without the discomfort and anxiety of metal braces. You can easily remove the aligners to brush your teeth, or eat. Go to to see how it works. And set up a free no obligation consultation with an experienced Invisalign dentist or orthodontist, and change how the world sees you. Invisalign — the clear alternative to braces.