Dental Video: Whoopi Goldberg discussing oral health, gum surgery and not neglecting dental insurance

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Whoopi Goldberg, co-host on The View: Hello, and welcome to The View. Boy am I glad to be back.
Joy Behar, co-host on The View: We missed you, we missed you.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host on The View: Yes, we did. You look better today.
Goldberg: I feel much better today, emergency gum surgery.
Behar: You had the chipmunk cheeks.
Goldberg: I had the chipmunk cheek and uh whenever you get an infection in your face and it alters the way you look people do this, I came into work yesterday and everyone looked and said,”Hey!”
Audience and The View panel: [laughing]
Goldberg: “How are ya?”
Audience and The View Panel: [laughing]
Goldberg: And my face was out to here.
Hasselbeck: It was really, it was really out to here.
Goldberg: [talks in gibberish, mimicing her inability to talk with a swollen face]
Hasselbeck: You couldn’t, your face was so swollen. She couldn’t look down to even dial the phone.
Goldberg: Yeah.
Sherri Shepherd, co-host on The View: And, you tried not to
Behar: It’s like Joan Rivers face, you know
Shepherd: But, you tried not to [laughing]
Behar: Because she can’t look down either, poor thing
Shepherd: When Whoopi came through it’s like you tried not to have the horror on your face, cause, cause you just like [high-pitched] “What, I’m okay”.
Goldberg: “Who beat you?”
Shepherd: Yes
Goldberg: Because it look like I got beat up.
Hasselbeck: It did, it did
Goldberg: But, uh, I’ll tell you, I said it when I, when I discovered all the, the minutia in my mouth — take care of your teeth. And, and I am embarrassed to say this to people I have great dental insurance and I did nothing with it. For years and years I let my mouth go and I am paying the price. I’m losing teeth because I am losing bone and I brought this on myself because I could have prevented it. And it is your mouth, is connected to your entire system, your immune system. If you do not take care of your mouth you are not taking care of your body and it will kill you. As you saw, I don’t know whether you guys know this but about a week ago they finally linked mouth health
Hasselbeck: Yes, they did
Goldberg: to heart health.