Genetics largely determines the size and shape of a person’s jaw, mouth, and the arch. These factors, in turn, affect the size and shape of the airways and hence how easily a patient can breathe. Ideally, arches should be between 38- 42mm wide, from the left upper first molar to the right one. Contrary to popular belief, the mouth and arch can be corrected and reshaped in adults as well as in children.

The DNA Appliance (Daytime-Nighttime ApplianceTM or DNA applianceTM) corrects arches that are too narrow and improves breathing by enlarging the airways.

As the DNA Appliance widens the upper arch, the nasal passages are also widened, allowing for increased airflow. The lower arch then slips forward into a more natural position, which pulls the tongue forward and increases airflow capacity in the throat. With improved airflow capacity in both the nasal and throat passages, patients will breathe much more easily while sleeping. The DNA appliance is a powerful sleep dentistry tool that can permanently correct the causes of sleep apnea.

Our diagnostic support and treatment solutions provide the tools for natural jaw development and airway remodeling through craniofacial enhancement. In addition, the DNA appliance protocols are effective in addressing issues such as TMD and obstructive sleep apnea in both adults and children without using surgery, drugs or injections.

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