Our Technology

Gorman Dental of Encino, California uses the latest in computer technology.

3-D Virtual Implant Placement Software

Our office has been utilizing the latest in computer technology for the virtual placement of implants. Until now, the definite surgical site the implant was placed into was not really known until the actual surgery. With today’s technology, Dr. Gorman can now visualize the actual implant site prior to the actual surgery; thus preventing the “guesswork” as to whether a bone graft is necessary and if an implant can even be placed. In some cases, this also speeds up the placement of the final prosthesis (crowns or dentures). If you would like to know more about the Virtual Implant Placement, please contact our office for an appointment to discuss if this technology is right for your dental situation.

Gorman Dental of Woodland Hills, California uses the latest sterilization equipment.

Steam Sterilization

Our office uses latest in sterilization techniques all dental instruments. When available, sterile disposable instrumentation is used to better protect his patients.

Gorman Dental of Los Angeles uses computers to diagnose, chart and develop treatment plans

Computers in the Treatment Rooms

Computers in the treatment rooms have been around for almost a decade. Most offices utilize computer technology for processing dental claims, accounting, and general clerical tasks. In June 2002, Dr. Prehn placed computers in the operatories to allow staff to chart, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan for your condition.

Gorman Dental of Tarzana utiliizes digital xray imaging

Digital X-rays

Dr. Gorman utilizes the imaging; which allows us to review the head and neck in three dimensional formats.

Gorman Dental of Sherman Oaks uses variety of high-tech equipment to treat patients


This is an instrument that uses ultrasonic properties to remove debris your teeth and flush out the pockets around the teeth. This can reduce the amount of hand scaling of the teeth.

Prophy Jet

The Prophy Jet uses a special polishing compound in combination with air and water for removal of stains. Think of it as a pressure washer for your teeth.


Bonding is a technique that allows Dr. Gorman to chemically attach restorative materials such as veneers, fillings, or crowns to the teeth. Previously he had to mechanically lock the filling material into place. With bonding, there are many choices available to patients.

Gorman Dental of Studio City uses small fiberoptic cameras to visualize the oral cavity while treating patients

Intra-Oral Camera

The Intra-Oral Camera is a new technology that utilizes fiber optics video imaging to visualize oral conditions. It helps Dr. Gorman to better explain dental conditions to the patients in a visual manner and it allows the patient to see on the computer screen what their mouth looks like.

Gorman Dental of Van Nuys uses Tek Scan equipment to diagnose dental occlusions

Tek Scan Imaging

For years, dental occlusion had been largely a matter of guesswork for dentists. The T-Scan system is a valuable tool that aids in the diagnostic process of analyzing a patient’s bite and showing what is and what is not functioning properly. When a bite is unstable it can cause pain, teeth and dental restorations to crack and break, gum disease, tooth loss, headaches, and TMJ Disorder.

Gorman Dental of Los Angeles also uses advanced alternative pain management tools like the TENS unit

Dental Materials

Dental materials is an area that is ever changing in the dental profession. Dr. Gorman prides himself in keeping up with the latest and bringing the best that technology offers to his patients.


This is an electronic stimulus for pain control during routine fillings without the need for injections or anesthetics. It is also used by physical therapists for use in TMJ.