The term full mouth restoration—also called full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation—refers to a personalized combination of dental procedures designed to comprehensively restore form, function, and wellness to the mouth. Depending on one’s unique needs and oral concerns, this custom treatment can involve tooth repair and/or replacement, periodontal care, orofacial therapy, and even oral hygiene services.

In over four decades of experience, Dr. Martin Gorman has performed numerous full mouth restorations, helping patients chew, speak, and smile with confidence one again. For more details about this advanced treatment option, we encourage you to browse the informative sections below, or simply contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Are My Full Mouth Restoration Options?

At Gorman Health and Wellness, customized full mouth restorations may include any combination of the following treatments:

In addition to these options, Dr. Gorman offers several cosmetic dentistry services that can be employed to further enhance the appearance of the smile in the event not all teeth are replaced, or if treatment consisted entirely of functional and/or oral wellness procedures without tooth restoration.

What Steps Are Involved in a Full Mouth Restoration?

While every individual’s full mouth restoration experience will be unique to their particular case, the following are typical steps in the treatment process:

Step 1 – Oral Wellness Assessment & Diagnosis of Issues

The first step of a full mouth restoration involves a comprehensive dental examination to assess oral health and identify all issues present, including those unseen to the naked eye. To do this, Dr. Gorman can utilize several advanced dental technologies that allow him to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of oral wellness—from the condition of the teeth and gums to underlying concerns like orofacial dysfunction, improper bite alignment, and jawbone deterioration.

Step 2 – Customized Treatment Planning

Based on the findings of Dr. Gorman’s oral assessment, he will present possible treatments that can effectively address your unique concerns while ultimately helping you achieve the smile you desire. During this time, you will be encouraged to ask any and all questions so that you have a complete understanding of your care options. Once you both agree on the specific services that will make up your full mouth restoration, Dr. Gorman will proceed with outlining a custom plan, detailing what to expect from start to finish of the entire treatment process.

Step 3 – Improvement of Oral Health & Preparation for Restorations

The third step of a full mouth restoration involves optimizing total oral wellness and preparing the mouth for tooth restoration and/or replacement (if necessary). Depending on your needs, this may consist of improving orofacial anatomy/function, resolving bite issues, treating TMJ disorder, extracting damaged or remaining teeth, addressing gum disease, and/or employing various other services to ensure the mouth is in prime condition for optimal oral function and lasting wellness.

Step 4 – Smile Restoration & Enhancement

During the final step of treatment, Dr. Gorman will perform any tooth restoration procedure(s) decided upon during the planning stages, such as dental implants, implant-supported dentures, and/or porcelain crowns. Additionally, any purely cosmetic dental services that may be included in your treatment plan—e.g. porcelain veneers or teeth whitening—will also be administered in this stage.

Ultimately, the entire full mouth restoration process usually takes multiple visits to complete, and once finished, you can expect a significant improvement in oral health, function, and aesthetics.

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